Yellowstone Trailblazer

Yellowstone Trailblazer


Vignelli created something beautful. Now it's for kids, too.

This project is an informational, interactive brochure for children in Yellowstone National Park. It's based on Massimo Vignelli’s unigrid system, which has been used for adult brochures since 1977.

Awarded Bronze at the Mid-Michigan ADDY's 

The front features a large illustration at the top, similar to Vignelli’s original layouts. The illustrations are meant to be an engaging, bright, low-poly design and are inspired by the vivid colors of the natural hot springs in the park. 


The back of the map features a scavenger hunt-like game that will motivate children to adventure around the park. At each of the five locations featured on the map, the kids will receive a sticker. Once they get each sticker, they can visit any ranger station and get a “Yellowstone Trailblazer” lapel pin.